Cylinder Head Repair

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Cylinder Head Repair

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The cylinder is the core of your car engine. Within the cylinder rests a piston, which moves up and down, compressing gas and ultimately driving your vehicle to move. At the very top of this block is the cylinder head, sealed by a head gasket. The cylinder head is made up of many passageways, which help air and fuel to reach the engine’s combustion chamber, and exhaust fumes to exit.

Cylinder head repair is a common engine fix done in most shops. Modern, aluminum cylinder heads are reliable, but not without weakness. Overheating can drastically reduce the effectiveness of the cylinder head and cause premature cracking.

Signs you may need a cylinder head repair.

  • engine overheating
  • coolant leaks
  • engine misfiring, or lack of power
  • sweet rubbery odor inside the car
  • smoke from exhaust

If you are noticing any of these symptoms, it’s urgent that you come in to Mr Fixit’s in Gonzales, LA. Waiting to repair something as relatively inexpensive as cylinder head repair, until it becomes a blown head gasket, will cost you as much as 10 times more!

Our expert technicians will run diagnostic tests, then thoroughly inspect your engine to determine the root source of the problem. In addition, we have direct access to high quality cylinder parts locally in Gonzales, LA.This means we are able to offer quality repairs in a timely manner, that accommodates your schedule.

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